Sincerity over technique

AM Media:

AM Media is a sincere & efficient agency with knowledgeable lifetime learners.

We believe that when you sincerely mean everything you say and do, you will win.
We seek to understand our client instead of using “listening” techniques.
We choose to live our client’s brand promise, instead of copying it.
Choosing sincerity over technique makes you win, not in just business but in life.

AM Media is weird to bystanders. We do things extremely different, we strive to communicate less by just being transparent. At AM Media we document almost every possible process step by step, for both our team as our client’s. AM Media uses standardized language. But most importantly we question everything that has been stated as the truth.

We are now researching the point of actually following “Trends”. We have been told that you need to follow trends in order to brand and market best for our client’s. But why would anyone just follow trends endlessly. Why would people choose to just ride a bubble for a short period of time for quick exposure?

Our true north is client obsession. We want our client’s to seriously love everything about and around AM Media.

algorithm knowledge:

At AM Media we document our processes and systems, we document the changes happening to our running ads and we try to learn from these documents. These documents + our relationships help us learn a lot about the algorithm and most important how the algorithm is influencing our/your ads.

We usually find specific fractals in the changes happening to the ads. Since fractals are really self-similar never-ending patterns we can count on: “When there is one, there are many”. When we decide to learn this way and really test this way we have been learning all the little systems and changes happening to the ads, these are ALL done by the algorithm.

The Algorithm is our friend! When you befriend the algorithm and play to its biases and heuristics you will get ad-preferences. The algorithm knows everything about when people click, who click, who converts and everything else we need to perform. So befriend the algorithm and use its knowledge!

Sincerity over technique:

These words are what AM Media stands for. We don’t believe in using techniques, for nothing.

If we are in a conversation with a client or even a potential client, we rather show and talk how we mean it than use some technique we have been studying which will show you that we are smart or trustworthy or whatever the reason is people use techniques. We don’t believe in using techniques when talking to clients or when doing our work.

When AM Media is working on branding for a brand, we first emerge ourselves in the brand book of our client. There are clear rules at AM Media and one of them is “If anyone starts doing branding work for any of our clients without truly living their brand promise, you’re out.”. This is again, is 100% real. If someone in AM Media chooses to use techniques to get your brand promise/message across instead of truly living it, they don’t deserve working at AM Media.

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Our Work:

When we start to work together with a client we write our contracts together, this to have a win-win situation and no one really “loses”. This results usually in us not being able to show everyone the trademarks or names. We can’t put this on our website. Sad thing, but current client go over new clients 1000%.

There are result! They can be found on THIS page.

Become our first brand we can place here! That will be free exposure too ;)

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