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Feike Leemkuil

For short: AM Media is a marketing agency created and built by millennial's. After running ads with ad-spend up to $500.000,- we have real time social marketing data and experience. Basically we don't just know social marketing we thoroughly understand social marketing. 

 The thing that differentiates us from the others are not just our age, mainly our results. We know how the algorithm influences every ad, we know how to set proper budgets and this just generates crazy results!

Our millenial run agency is so greatly performing we are mainly working with worldwide known brands and businesses

AM MEdia Promise

We promise, we will ALWAYS deliver better results in social marketing than any agency. This is HUGE to just throw out there, but we are so sure we will achieve that. If we don't, you get your money back and a month free service without us asking any questions

That is without a doubt the best aspect of our job. We always promise this, but we consistently outperform the previous agencies. Next to the fact that you will get insane results, we get an awesome feeling. We as "Drop-outs", achieve better results than agencies with a team of graduated marketers. THAT IS JUST INSANE RIGHT?!?

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Another odd thing about our agency, we don't put out any reviews. This is just to protect our client's reputation, our clients have been working for years to build their brand so we are not the ones who will just show of that we work for you. IF this is actually a problem, then we are terribly sorry but we will never put our client's name and brand on our results and portfolio's.  

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