AM Media:

For short: AM Media is a marketing agency created, built and ran by millennial's. After running ads with ad-spend up to $500.000,- we have real time social marketing data and experience. Basically we don't just know social marketing we thoroughly understand social marketing. 

 The thing that differentiates us from the others are not just our age, mainly our results. We know how the algorithm influences every ad, we know how to set proper budgets and this just generates crazy results!

Our millennial run agency is so greatly performing we are proud to say that there is a 85% chance that the ads you will see in your Facebook or Instagram feed right now are ran by us ;)

algorithm knowledge:

At AM Media we document our processes and systems, we document the changes happening to our running ads and we try to learn from these documents. These documents + our relationships help us learn a lot about the algorithm and most important how the algorithm is influencing our/your ads.

We usually find specific fractals in the changes happening to the ads. Since fractals are really self-similar never-ending patterns we can count on: “When there is one, there are many”. When we decides to learn this way and really test this way we have been learning all the little systems and changes happening to the ads, these are ALL done by the algorithm.

This knowledge, the knowledge of knowing what happens to our ads during the time they are running, is the knowledge which gives our service and our ads the edge.

Our partnership:

We have 1 partner with who we work very close! The algorithm.

The Algorithm: Facebook’s algorithm has the network, knowledge of all the users on its platform. The algorithm is capable of iterating more variable combinations than 50.000 scientists can ever do in 10 years, we can even make this 20 years…. But the algorithm is missing Initial Conditions.

AM Media: Since the algorithm only needs Initial Conditions, we give Initial Conditions. Initial Conditions is the Ad DNA. This is the easiest partnership ever! We only need to know your audience, which we find together with you. When we know your audience, we are ready to use the golden partnership with the algorithm!

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Our Work:

Up until now we have been signing NDA’s, this makes us not able to show any trademarks of our client’s. We can not use any of our current clients trademarks.

We are really sorry, if we get any client without signing an NDA we will ask for a review or a way to showcase our portfolio! We do have our achieved results for a high-priced products e-commerce store on THIS page.

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