Who am I?

If you see me in first, you only see a young guy, but there is much more behind that 18 year old and how he is so sure of what he does.

I am Feike Leemkuil, 18 years old and born in Bathmen in The Netherlands. After a long time just doing what was expected and just going to school, I started getting really passionate about marketing and selling. But since I never wanted to study in school I started reading a lot! Next to that I did a lot of courses and went to a lot of webinars, seminars and training.

Next to marketing and selling is powerlifting also a huge passion. No matter how short the night or how long the day, nothing will keep me from going the gym. 



If you ask anybody who knows me, you will hear that I work with passion. There were endless days where none-3 hours of sleep was the standard. That I work 7 days a week is and will always be a fact, not only 7 days a week but I prefer as long as possible. I have so much passion for what I do that I just risked everything and dropped everything that was safe for me, my job & education where the first 2 thing I gave up for my passion. Because of how much I love doing what I do, I was easily able to do hundreds hours of self study.

I even tried to show my passion in the name and logo of AM Media. AM Media is originated from the AM times on the 12-hour clock. Most of us work between 12:00 AM. and 06:00 AM. That is also the reason why there is a half circle after the period. My goal was to show the passion everywhere, so even in the name and logo.

How this all started:

I get one question asked a lot: "What is your past?" "How did you get into this?". This all actually started on social media. Social media created influencers and I thought, they have to post content in order to grow on social media, so I offered some influencers content creation for a fair price. Because those were influencers, even my audience grew because of it. So after a while I started doing coaching calls and affiliate marketing, that was when I made my first money online. After that I changed really quick, I started getting up at 4:30 AM. to study, work and workout. After a while my work paid off and I was able to quit my job.

Because of the income I had from photography and affiliate marketing, I could invest all that money in courses and coaching from huge marketers. After a while I started asking myself why I was even going to school, so then I quit school. I just wanted to be one of those "lucky" guys who achieves outstanding things without a degree.

Then AM Media was born ;)

The Future:

After this you will probably understand why I work 7 days a week, 18 hours a day. AM Media is growing so fast because of my goals and dream. I want to be a successful entrepreneur, but not only in marketing. I have so much passion for real estate and restaurants that I will show my face in those niches without a doubt!

The big dream is not even related to income or materialistic things. My dream is having influence on the economy and show teens to do what they love. These teens hear it all the time: "You have to be really lucky to become that big". My dream is showing everyone that you can achieve outstanding things if you just work hard and never stop working hard.


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email me at: