Marketing opties:

Social marketing is easy to say, but what do we do exactly? Because social marketing is a mystery to many, we explained our expertise per category down below.

You will notice we don't offer 35 options, we offer around 7 options. But with these 7 options we achieve better results than agencies with 35 options. If I had the choice have 35 kinds of services or results, that would be easy for me....

Copy writing:

This is without a doubt our outstanding quality. You will see ads on social media with incredible short text, we never understand that. You will never sell anything big saying just 2 sentences, why would you advertise with 2-4 sentences? Does not make sense, because you are still trying to sell right?

We do copy writing following the principles from Direct Response, the choise of famous marketer David Ogilvy.


We do this the most and we love this the most. The results of retargeting ads are INCREDIBLE! With these ads you target on visitors who already shows interest in you and your product, but just did not convert for any reason. I have to statics about why you need retargeting, I am a HUGE fan of statistics so here you have a few:

- Only 1-4% of your website visitors convert after their first visit...
- 95% of the website visitors leave the website and will never come back...
- If you retarget, 70% will actually be likely to still convert.
- Retargeting ads have 149% higher chance to convert people than any other ad.

Now you understand why we use retargeting the most.


AM Media Secret:

We can not give you full detail, since this is one of the AM Media secrets. This is one of the reasons why social marketing will be a machine, if we put 1.000$ in this machine there will come 5.000-10.000$ out. This way of advertising does cost a little time, but when the test is done... Then this will be the machine that will give you the 10.000$

We can tell you one more things, we are able to get 598 more chance to find the perfect ad. Now you will probably understand why we don't go in detail on this, we prefer being 598 steps ahead our competition.


Lookalike Targeting:

Many agencies will be looking endless for your perfect buyer persona and advertise. AM Media prefers finding it directly en just looks for the ones who are identical to your current customers. Your current customers are your perfect customers, so someone identical to your current customers is a perfect customer...

When I read this again, I personally don't understand why they are even wasting your ad-spend on testing....


Customer Targeting:

Sometimes you may want to let your current customers know a little update, some new products or something very important. This is easy to do... Yes you are able to advertise on just your current customers. I am not talking about a flyer sending to their home. Social Marketing Customer Targeting is the easiest and best way to do so.


Brand Awareness:

Not everytime you buy something, it was because of an ad. Brand-Awarenss plays a HUGE roll in this. Look at your phone for exaple, your workout shoes or even what you are dinking.

Did Apple or Samsung advertise so you bought the phone?
Did Nike advertise so you bought the shoes?
Did Coca Cola or Spa advertise so you went and got it?

You know that answer: Ofcourse not! You just know the brand and when you think of workout shoes you think of Nike. 

We LOVE working on these ads, because this will deliver you customers throughout the entire year and after that!


Custom Audience:

There is also a little scretet when it comes to Custom Audience. With these kind of ads, the algorithm takes over really quick. We have a few terms, we find your "Tower of Babel" and don't touch anything until after "The Garden of Eden". This is our secret to saving you huge ad-spend.

Hier zit ook een klein AM Media geheimpje achter. Bij deze manier van adverteren neemt het algoritme al snel de riemen in de hand. Wij hebben enkele termen, wij vinden uw "Tower of Babel" en raken niks aan tot na "The Garden of Eden". Dat is ons geheim naar geen torenhoge advertentiekosten!


Social Media Management:

We know the algorithm like no other, we would be stupid not offering you social media management. Social media is a free way to reach a lot of people, it is easy to grow if you know how it works.

AM Media offers social media management. With this you can expect a social strategy, community building, reputation management and even expect a social ROI. You can let your team post and let the algorithm choose whether you get to grow, or you let us post for you and be sure you will grow.