E-commerce expert:

We are experts in social marketing, but to be of massive value we specialized in a few niches. Some of them are niches with high hordes for their customers to overcome, but we also work a lot with e-commerce for brands/stores. We started with the high horde niches, but since we gained a lot of knowledge in the e-commerce world, we started fully studying and analyzing those funnels en marketing techniques.

After doing a lot of client work we quickly realized that retargeting is massive for these brands/stores. But the thing we saw others do is retargeting really specific, this is everything but effective... After research it appears that 58% of the retargeted customers with specific retargeting saw those ads in a positive way.  

Let AM Media take care of an increasing amount of website- and storeconversions.

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Innovators get 100%
imitators get 0%
— Sam Ovens

The benefits for you:

AM Media offers next to a killer marketing service a few big benefits for your brand/store. We are very selective with our new clients, if we do marketing for a certain brand/store and a new brand/store reaches out to us, but it is in some way a competitor from our current client, there is no way we will take that client. We won't even take the client if it offers us more, not even kidding, we value our relationships with our clients a lot!!

Next to this giant benefit we also have our extra's like high-quality content creation, copy writing and even segmentation for your newsletter and the new members. These are the only services we offer which has nothing to do with social marketing, we stay as close to our expertise as possible.

Let AM Media make sure that your brand/store dominates the market. 

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AM Media Promise:

Because we do marketing for huge stores and websites we created an extra promise, next to the standard promise. The standard AM Media promise is that we promise to achieve better results in social marketing than any agency, and if we don't you get your money back and one month for free. But next to that promise we promise to never show anywhere that your brand/store is a client of us. This is mostly to keep the reputation of your brand/store at its current position.

This is also the reason why you see no testimonials or reviews on our website. We apologize if you wanted one...


Do you want us to take your company to the next level?

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