The Market Doesn’t Care!
— Every Successfull entrepreneur ever

AM Media:

Feike Leemkuil

Our entire team consist of many freelance photographers, designers and marketers. The team has practical knowledge of the social marketing world. After many split-tests, with a total of over $90.000,- ad-spend we have a lot of data. With all that data we already know what works and what does not. We do not just know social marketing we thoroughly understand social marketing.

 The thing that differentiates us from the others is our passion and way of work ethic. We do not just work during the standard times, most of us work as much and as long as possible. Some of us actually work 18 hours a day 7 days a week.

AM Media is originated from the AM times on the 12-hour clock. Most of us work between 12:00 AM. and 06:00 AM. That is also the reason why there is a half circle after the period.

Our Promise:

AM Media created a promise, we will ALWAYS deliver better results in social marketing than any agency in Europe. This is HUGE to just throw out there, but we are so sure we will achieve that. If we don't, you get your money back and a month free service without us asking any questions

That is without a doubt the best aspect of our job. We always promise this, but we consistently outperform the previous agencies. Next to the fact that you will get insane results, we get an awesome feeling. We as "Drop-outs", achieve better results than agencies with a team of graduated marketers. THAT IS JUST INSANE RIGHT?!?

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Onze kennis:

You could have noticed that we are really sure that we are the best social marketing agency. But how did we ever learn any of this? We started doing a lot of self-study, hundreds of books, dozens of courses and training and dozens of webinars and seminars from marketers like:

- Sam Ovens.       - Russell Brunson.
- Joe Soto.         - Brendon Buchard.
- Seth Godin.             - Mark Cuban.
- Grant Cardone.          - Vele andere...

This is combination with our experience in the social marketing world makes us the best social marketing agency. We are not even trying to sell our service saying that, we outperformed a lot of big, highly respected agencies. I think we can call us being the best a fact. 

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