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Social Marketing:

Social marketing is without a doubt the easiest way to reach your buyer persona. With the use of different ads, AM Media will reach your buyer persona.

Social marketing is offered by many, mastered by very little. Marketers will say "refresh the creative" endless amount of times when they do social marketing, this is the reason every agency has a lot of creators and graphic designers. If the ad is good from the get go, you can use that ad 5 years+. This saves us time, so it saves you a lot of money.

I will admit social marketing is hard, but when mastered social marketing truly is like a vending machine. If you put 1,000$ in you get 5.000-10.000$ dollars out.

People Don’t Buy What You Do.
People Buy WHY You Do What You Do.
— Simon Sinek

Content creation:

With content you can really tell your stories, since your story is the most important, content needs to be perfect. So let content creation be done by professionals.

Content creation is taken very serious by us. AM Media just works with the best content creators, no joke they are the best! And we will always be one step ahead our competition. Virtual Reality, 4k Drone video, 8k 360degree photo & video or even standard 8k video, AM Media does everything at the highest level.

Where our competition still uses a remote control for the drones, we goggles we can put on a choose where the drone shoots and goes....

Content Creation AM Media
The Market Is Just Survival Of The Fittest.
If You Add More Value You Win, It’s That Simple.
— Sam Ovens


AM Media is equal to innovation. If we see agencies copying us, we know we are doing great work and move forward again.

We will seriously ALWAYS be one step ahead on our competition, this is just because our mindset and character to always wanting to be the best.

People try to know what the market wants, but we talk with the market so we KNOW what they want. People try to think what the market wants, but the people is not the market, the people are the people.

It sounds really confusing, but a group of 5 can NEVER think of what a group of 50 million wants... If you ask 50 million what they want, then you know!

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AM Media Consultant


Marketing is always one of the most important things in and around a business. Because of that exact reason AM Media is also training marketers to do social marketing. The market is always moving, but the marketing is currently just stagnated...

Our owner - Feike Leemkuil, has worked with many companies to grow social marketing and convert followers to buyers. He has experience in social marketing, influencer marketing & affiliate marketing.

After a long time doing this, things that are a mystery for others are already a process for Feike...