Social Marketing:

This is our flagship service.

90% of the time all we need to get started is content from your end.

Our in-house copy-writing expert will get to work and starts constructing your campaigns. Our copy-writing expert works in conjunction with our in-house Facebook ad specialist to make sure that the right message is landing to the right audience set. Feike works on the strategy and making sure that AM Media & you load the canon properly in order to have a successful campaign.

Social Marketing is offered by many, but social marketing is only mastered by a few.

Social Marketing AM Media
People Don’t Buy What You Do.
People Buy WHY You Do What You Do.
— Simon Sinek
AM Media Consultant


Social Marketing is hard. It just is, you have the algorithm’s optimization, the algorithm’s biases and heuristics, the audience changes, budget influences etc etc.

Posting on social media? “Yeah, we have a salesperson who take care of that”
Social media is hard, growing your reach is hard, humanizing your brand correctly is hard and create a loyal community… You got it, it’s hard!

Our owner - Feike Leemkuil, has worked with many companies to grow social marketing and convert followers to buyers. He has experience in social marketing, influencer marketing & affiliate marketing.