AM Media Research:

To fully understand why I do what I do, 1 personal characteristic is very important. I have been tested by some and did some tests and each result show that my decisions are based 96% on thinking and only 4% on feeling and emotion. I want to understand everything and understand it deeply. This started this entire research.

Now, I was trying to figure out what the first principles are in business. Simplifying something so complex as the business world is hard, but it has been done.

  1. A business has a market.

  2. The market will have an issue, let’s say poor branding.

  3. A business knows branding and solves their poor branding.

  4. This generates value for the market and so the business can charge money.

That is all that business, in the services niche at least, is. The bigger the problem, the more value it will generate when solving the problem.

Why do I ask you?

Well, imagine you want to know what Suzie wants for lunch just so you can buy it and then get it to her and charge her money. You could lock yourself in your house for 10 years, read all the books in the world, read all researches, get a business MBA and graduate at Harvard in 8 different fields of work but we will never ever be able to know what Suzie wants for lunch that way…

The way to find out what Suzie wants for lunch is to go over to Suzie and ask. That is why we are asking you what your business problem is.

So what would be your business problem?

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Please do explain what exactly and why. Example: Leadership/Recruiting, when we hire outstanding talents and get them in a well-coordinated team, we are missing a form of leadership. We have managers but they seem to not hit KPIs and they never manage the culture we are striving to achieve.
This is an indication for us how significant this problem currently is.