100% EXPERT:

We are already experts in social marketing, but to make our service even better en more valuable we focused on a selected few niches. Our focus is mostly on the sales where the horde which the customers have to overcome is huge. Because we worked with the selected niches mostly, we have a lot of data and knowledge of the market and where and when advertising is optimal.

Let AM Media not only make sure you have more traffic coming to your websites en stores, but also have more actual conversions.


The Real Estate Paradigm:

AM Media offers a new way of selling houses for the real estate agents. This idea is actually so good that it sounds like a bad salesmen trying to sell an idea. It has seriously one 1 downside, Virtual Reality cost is high, but if a real estate agent implements our idea:

- They will spend less time working.
- They will spend less money on the work.
- They will earn more.

This actually really sounds like bad selling, but we are super proud to say without lying: "This is all for real and it really does work.". With this idea we are really selective with our clients, because with this idea you are sure that you are miles ahead of your competition. We want to make sure our clients stay miles ahead and offer this to very few Real Estate Agents.

Send us an email at info@am-media.nl to see what we can do for you.


Vastgoed Marketing:

If you do not want to change the way you currently work for any reason. Too bad, because you miss a lot, but AM Media still offers social marketing for real estate agents. There are very few real estate agents who take social marketing seriously, so if you do, you would dominate easily. If you are the only real estate agent using proper retargeting, you would easily dominate the market!

Some real estate agents use social marketing, but they don't master it. So the clients see ads 5-8 times a day, and there is no way these people will ever convert after 2 times.

We would love to tell you a little more about social marketing for real estate agents.

Email us at: info@am-media.nl


Possible client?

Being a client of us was easy at the start, it was the start of course it was. But when we e-mail now, we only send 3 e-mails. AM Media does not want as many clients as possible, we want to deliver the best work possible. We want our clients to be ahead of their competition, but when we reach out to a lot of dealerships and offer the same service, no one will ever be ahead.

If you are interested in innovative marketing you can always contact us at info@am-media.nl and see what we can do for you.