Recruiting & Leadership Issue:

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I have heard a lot about and around the changes in recruiting and changes in leadership/management. Honestly, I hoped and expected this to happen. I hoped this would happen because leadership is something I am extremely passionate about and I love seeing and noting the difference in some businesses. I personally expected this because of the changes in education, people drop out earlier, there are incredible talents without degrees and there are huge amounts of T Shaped people!

Current Understanding Of The Problem:

I have read some responses, engaged in conversations and asked further to understand. I found that there are 4 key points that came back frequently whether the feedback came from a business with over 20.000 employees or a company with just 12 employees. The following key points returned in every single conversation:

  • Finding talent.

  • Company structure to support these new talents.

  • Communication and teamwork.

  • Managing or leadership.

I am going to try to write this so that the smaller businesses and the bigger businesses can relate to this, also I am going to try to stay close to what I have been told and stay objective. My opinion does not matter in your business, so it is time to get factual.

Finding Talent:

Finding talent is in fact easier for bigger businesses. The smaller businesses talked about bigger competitors having resources and a name that attracts talent and leaves very little for them. While the bigger businesses are telling me that they actually get talent easily and quickly, but they have a very narrow skill-set. Both smaller and bigger businesses are telling me that there are very few T-Shaped Talents out there, while this is something that they have been looking for.

The goal: Find T-Shaped Talents who are relentless in the competition with other businesses, have a great problem-solving ability and are intelligent & creative.


This is obviously more relatable for the bigger businesses and CEOs. Company structure is something that is extremely important. Your business and all other businesses are a system, if you didn’t know now you know, but the system is heavily influenced by its environment. Everyone knows that great talent in an awful team and environment is still worthless. Creating a environment that is focused around optimizing the system and not how people act and feel is controversial but it is the way to win. When you look at a system you don’t just want the people, who are just a part in your system, to feel amazing. You want the system to work perfectly, so the people, their work, your resources, your customers everything needs to be optimized for the system to run smooth.

The goal: Create, for some find, a company structure that is the optimal environment for the system.

Communication & Teamwork:

These two words are personally something I hate. People are completely obsessed with throwing around 2 words and I hate it, because too much focus on one thing ruins another. But there is usually something that need change in and around communication and teamwork. This is something that is the smaller version of “structure”. In structure you are working on the system and the environment it works in. When working on teamwork and communication you are working on the parts in that system. When these two parts malfunction in your system, you lose.

I have heard many many things but the main thing is “We seem to have great teams but not the optimal work force & results”. This is all because of the focus on the people and not the system. When you focus on parts of a system, you lose. When you focus on the system as a whole, you win.

The Goal: Create teams and a communication structure that is optimal for the processes in the system.


This was bound to be in here. Every single business probably has a leadership problem when you talk to specific people. If the directors & managers don’t think there is a problem then the people getting managed will think there is a problem. The other way around too! When the people getting managed feel great and love work, the directors and managers feel like every day is the biggest challenge ever. BOTH OF THE SITUATIONS ARE TERRIBLE FOR THE SYSTEM!

This is all because the swinging of a pendulum. You lean towards the people and then towards the result, back to the people, back to the result. This is terrible. Everyone is going completely mad with this one. It is understandable since this is everywhere in life, people are swinging around balance, it seems like everyone is trying to avoid balance at any cost.

The Goal: Keep the pendulum still and have a balance between the people and the results.