Space Exploring:

OK, so me with my over-analyzing and over thinking head just wrote a page about why consultants basically destroy businesses. Nice words, what are I going to do about it?!

I have always been obsessed with studying, questioning basically every “fact”, try to optimize everything a little more and basically developing my own human mind algorithm. Now, I have an excuse to do so and call it work?! I am going to do exactly that! My days are now spent studying various topics like communication, diversity, leadership, innovation, strategy, culture, HR, PR, Behavioral Science, Neuro Science and their affect on leadership culture and communication. I set out to learn basically everything I need to learn to combat this issue.

To give you some numbers, those are always fun right?
- I am studying around 12 hours a day. Yes I meditate, stretch, go for walks outside and work out too so don’t worry about me going mentally insane.
- I am studying 58 topic which vary from sleep studies to diversity stories and studies.
- I have researched topics to research for 3 days straight and have bookmarked and bought over 4000 blog posts, research documents and guides.
- I created a video playlist of seminars from talented, not famous but extremely talented, speakers which is currently over 80 hours long.

I am boring you with all these numbers for already 4 points. But basically: Imagine someone who is obsessed with something, that time 10 is me with studying. Everyone around me is going mad because I only talk and think about these things plus my phone is always off and I am slow with replies. OOPS :)


I am out to explore space and beyond but I need you to be my NASA. Observing and reading about things is great. I talk to people who tell me stories about their workplace etc. But I often hear stories that I can’t even believe to be true… Like people having issues with executing on their goals and staying focused for 2 hours. So I would love to get some help from people who can and want to help a obsessive algorithm creating student.

I would love to do a few of the following things:
- Observe behavior in meetings.
- Observe the people and teams working and how they communicate.
- Hear stories from people who experience unconscious bias issues, yeah they are probably in your business too.
- See how people commute and come into the office.
- Observe the way people interact and behave during breaks.
- Find some overseeing systems and where they might malfunction.

Etc. So please if you own a business, are a CEO, COO, CFO etc. or know someone who owns a business. Please reach out to me and maybe we can find something than you can accept me doing and that would provide help to this study. I am not planning to steal information, employees, coffee, lunch or any desks. I am trying to steal 1 thing, real time observation.

If you want to reach out to me or help me in some way, please email me at: